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James Potenza Texas Buyer Realty

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Over the years, we have learned how to "pre-inspect" homes for our clients.  We have many years of "hands on" experience being involved in the home inspection process. It is easy to notice obvious problems like cracks in the wall and missing shingles. However, it takes an expert to determine potentially expensive problems that would normally go unseen. We provide a visual inspection and our expert opinion on all of the homes we visit. Our pre-inspections are for informational purposes only and are intended only to educate our home buying clients. A third party inspection is always recommended.


And…yes we do climb in the attic with a flashlight. How many other “buyer” agents do that? 

Here are a few of the things we visually inspect in every home we visit as we educate our home buying clients. Our "pre-inspection" is for information purposes only. We always recommend a third party inspection. Our "pre-inspection" helps eliminate homes that might need costly repairs or are not built well for energy efficiency. 


Cracks in the slab, cracks in the brick/mortar, cracks in sheetrock, previous foundation repairs

Air Conditioning and Heating

Condition and approximate age of the evaporator coil, condenser, and heater. Opinion of the overall efficiency and quality

Roof and Shingles

Visual inspection of the shingles, rafters, and decking in the attic


Water heater, water supply and fixtures, water leaks and drains


Service amperage, branch circuits, fixtures


Approximate age and condition of kitchen and bathroom appliances

Doors and Windows

Estimate of overall efficiency and operation

We also provide an energy efficiency estimation of the home by evaluating the roof structure, seer rating on the HVAC, window construction, and insulation performance.

A few words from some past clients....

"James also showed us things to look for in purchasing a house: A/C, heating units, foundation, roofing, windows, etc.  I felt I was getting a pre-home inspection"

"Communication is the key to a successful relocation. I keep the entire "team" up to speed on the progress of locating and purchasing a home and carefully listen to the needs of my clients and their corporation."

"Anyone looking to buy a home will benefit from having someone with the experience and skills that James has on their side."

"I am hoping someone I know will say that they are looking to buy a house so I can start referring people to you. You are a good person, and I want people to know that and I want you to benefit from doing right by people." 

  "My clients expect the best and that is what I give them, 100% loyalty and commitment”